#4 Gordo Burrito

Gordo is in Chico, California. . . . and don’t let the fact that it is in a gas station fool you . . . it’s the real deal! My grandpa and I like to go there together and we always think it’s better with an Izzy soda.


6 Replies to “#4 Gordo Burrito”

  1. I don’t eat meat I usually have the “Simple Burrito!” The perfectly steamed flour tortilla is filled with luscious re fried beans, tender rice and heavenly cheese. Then I add my choice of sauces and salsa! And yes… this gas station taqueria is fantastic!

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  2. I agree… even though it is located in a gas station the faire is supurb! The owners are from Mexico and all the employees speak Spanish and they are super duper friendly. Since I don’t eat meat I prefer the “Simple Burrito!” The ingredients (beans, rice and cheese) are surrounded by a scrumptious, perfectly steamed tortilla and rolled just right so that the innards don’t fall out while eating! I then will add my own concoction of salsa, sauce and a few icy cold radishes for the crunch. I really think this should be number one on your list… but I’ve not yet tried the others.


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