#1 best burrito shop

You must go to this burrito shop! You must! The best one yet! Señor Taco!!! It is in Phoenix, Arizona. They will make your burritos absolutely perfect! They make your tortilla nice and crispy and your beans warm, soft, and cooked the right amount. So i beg you, go there!!



6 Replies to “#1 best burrito shop”

  1. Awesome!! Can’t wait to follow you on your burrito adventure and learn from a true burrito connoisseur!! And guess what? I like my blogs like I like my burros: crispy, soft, and cooked medium 😎🤤🌯🌯🌯🌯


  2. I love Senor Taco!! Their burros are the best and I typically go there with you guys, which makes it even better!! My fav burrito is the vegetarian. What’s yours?


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