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#4 (tied) Super Cucas

Also in Santa Barbara, California, is a taco shop called Super Cucas. It’s right by my Nana’s house and it’s amazing. I like to go there if I’m so hungry after beach time and I can’t wait for Los Arroyos. Plus, it’s next door to an awesome froyo place. Mmmm.


#4 Gordo Burrito

Gordo is in Chico, California. . . . and don’t let the fact that it is in a gas station fool you . . . it’s the real deal! My grandpa and I like to go there together and we always think it’s better with an Izzy soda.


# 3 Taqueria La Cabaña

This is in Santa Cruz, California, a short walk from my friend Gabo’s house. Their burritos are HUGE! and are extremely amazing (especially if you spent the previous hour jumping on a trampoline). The Jarritos were cold, the burrito warm . . . heaven. Mine fell apart half-way through, but it’s worth it and I still approve!




#2 Los Arroyos

Los Arroyos is in Santa Barbara, California, and it is my second favorite burrito shop. It is especially good after surfing, or going to the beach, and I recommend a bean burrito with rice on the side.


#1 best burrito shop

You must go to this burrito shop! You must! The best one yet! Señor Taco!!! It is in Phoenix, Arizona. They will make your burritos absolutely perfect! They make your tortilla nice and crispy and your beans warm, soft, and cooked the right amount. So i beg you, go there!!



Introduction to BurritoBoss

Hi! My name is Lucca, I am a 8 years old and i would like to tell you about the best burritos i have ever tasted! My blog will hopefully take you around the world to the best taquerias there are. i hope it will make your mouth water and for you to go to these heavenly, amazing burrito shops!